The power of your dreams

The power of your dreams

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“Never let it be said that the dream is a waste of one’s time,
for dreams are our realities in waiting in dreams, 
we plant the seeds of our furture.”

As a child I was a real dreamer. In my dreams I connected with my desires that were hidden in my heart as a treasure. By listening deeply, I developed a powerful imagination that took me to unlimited worlds where the impossible became possible.

Nature was my dream and the dream was my nature, for me there was no difference between these two worlds, it simply merged into one another. As a child I wandered through the forest for hours in the company of my horse and my tame crow. I disappeared into everything I saw around me and was touched by the pure inspiration of everything that had not been touched by people. My gift was in conveying these images and dreams to the people around me. ‘You carry a deep wisdom with you and you will make your dreams come true’, my father told me when I was young. When he spoke these words I saw admiration in his gaze as well as wistfulness and melancholy, as if he were homesick for something, I could not put my finger on it. I also recognised this with more people in my area. Without knowing it I confronted them with a world they had forgotten. As I grew older, I was saddened. I began to unconsciously shut myself off from this animated part within me because it did not seem to have any place in my world. The I no longer saw the wistfulness and melancholy when I met with people, only that of  my father remained visible.

My imagination and my dreams slowly disappeared to the background and so did my direction. Only during my sleep did I continue to dream, but I could no longer remember them. A part of me became a void around which a wall of gloom was built, it felt to me as a meaningless existence.

Only years later, and now mother of three children, a clear dream appeared in my sleep that I remembered for the first time.

“A girl walking on her bare feet on a path in the middle of the forest. Her face is not visible, only by the movement of her bare feet you see that she moves. Sometimes she stands still and, with her left foot, rotates circles in the leaves on the path. The path is covered by the leaves that seem to have settled there for her. She does not seem afraid of the night. The moon is full and the light is blocked by the branches above her. But with each step that moves, the intertwined branches begin to move and make room for the light of the moon. The silence of the night is broken by the scream of a bird, which is as black as the night. With flapping wings the bird lands down on her shoulder, they follow the darkness unperturbed. She comes to a halt at the clearing in the forest. She raises her head and looks at the moon and says, “We are you …”

I wake up from the dream, but I am not completely back in reality, as if I am in two worlds. I feel the power of the moonlight shining through my heart and in the light, the girl with the black bird appears. Aroused by something that moves inside me, I go into a deep trance. I meet a world where nothing distinguishes, a world without form, without color, without time, an infinite void where even silence does not exist. The source of where everything starts and ends.

“Shamans are there to bring dreams back to the world”

Introduction meeting Dream Ritual

Do you want to learn more about dream rituals? Then come to the introductory meeting that I organize on Sunday the 13th of January from 13.30 – 16.00. This is a 2.5 hour session in which I tell you about the dream rituals, my own journey in this and my way of working. During the last hour I will briefly let the group experience a dream ritual and also demonstrate a personal ritual with someone. Interested? For the introduction meeting I ask a small contribution of € 10,-. I have space for up to 8 people.

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