A session touches it, outside is when the real work starts!

A session touches it, outside is when the real work starts! admin

You do a beautiful ritual, follow a special meditation and everything ‘switches on’. Yes, you feel who you are, what you are doing and how it should all feel. But then…. then you go home. All kinds of stimuli and distractions that make you ‘lose that contact’ again. How do you hold on to ‘being connected’? How do you ensure that this authentic feeling stays with you forever.

In the period that I myself did my initiation with my Shaman, I also asked him this question. I got a very nice assignment from him, which I often share with my clients and now also with you:

‘Find an object from nature, every day, for seven days. Take it with you and keep it in a box. Observe what it does to you when you see the object, how it feels when you pick the object up and write down what you feel.’

I remember it like the day of yesterday, the first day after this assignment. I look at the chestnut tree hanging heavy with its long branches over the rippling water in front of me, in the company of other trees. A single leaf is still visible on its branches even though the autumn has only just begun. As a child, I always climbed into this tree, only in recent years I just walk by it.

The first object that catches my eye is a piece of bark from my tree. The fear of being condemned by a passer-by who would catch me damaging this old tree, made me quickly put the piece of bark in my coat pocket and continue on with my walk without looking at it. I did not meet anyone. This was the beginning of my self awareness, my lack of self-love and compassion.

Only that night just before I went to bed, I saw my coat laying on the white bench in the hallway. I picked it up and an item fell out of my pocket. There it was, the piece of bark on the stone floor. I knelt down and put it on the palm of my hand. It had a beautiful structure. I observed the lines and rubbed the rough surface with my fingertips. And there she appeared in the full light. Her trunk as a beating heart, peaceful and loving. She touched my face with her branches. I put my hand on my heart and wiped the tears from my face.

It was one of the many transformative assignments that I received during the weekly meetings with my Shaman.

‘A session touches it, outside is when the real work starts!’ he told me.

And that was more than true, after the sessions I noticed how hard it was to stick to that one assignment. But the more I was working on it, the more aware I became, of myself and of my environment. As a result, I also learned more and more about myself when I searched for the distraction or how nice it was to really be present. It brought me ever closer to my heart’s desire.

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